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Quizzes.Next Issues

Discussion created by Victoria Richards on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2018 by Eric Werth

Hi there! I'm just out here looking to see if anybody else is seeing any issues with the Quizzes.Next "Beta" tool?!


Our school is transitioning over to Canvas one program at a time so that we can work out any kinks as we go. Here are some of the issues that we are seeing:

  • When you create a new quiz and hit "save", you can't go back and change those beginning settings (i.e. display grade as, submission type, assign to groups).
  • I was added to a course as a student but because I have admin access, I couldn't view the course as just a student.
  • When piloting the quizzes, students clicked on the quiz link and it says, "If you are the application owner, check the logs for more information."
  • You can't get to the Item Banks without being in an actual quiz.
  • Course Navigation disappears from Quizzes.Next pages.


There have been a few other issues, but we've been in contact with one of the Instructure representatives and were told that those issues would "hopefully" be resolved at "some point".


Does anybody else have any issues similar to these?