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Assistance with CSV files trasnfer

Question asked by Andy Amarante on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Robert Carroll

Hi All. 

This has been resolved.  Thanks for your help.

My Agency is in the processes of setting up with Canvass.  I'm the programmer who is responsible for creating the CSV files and the nightly processes that will send the CSV's over to Canvass.   The exports are ok,  it's the file transfer has and required public, private keys and the  script file that has me confused. 

Here's what I have so far.  Canvass is to set up a SFTP process on their side. It isn't clear to me if the result of that process is a logical drive and folder that I can map to from File Explorer on my side, wishful thinking.

From my side, I'm to use PuTTY, which I have Ver 7.0, to generate a private and public key.  I'm then supposed to, still using Putty, telnet the public key to some Canvass ip and port. For the nightly process, my SQL Server will create the CSV export files each night using SSIS.  To transfer the CSV files I have to write .txt script file using a scripting language like Win SCP, which I just downloaded.

The .TXT will script the transfer of the CSV files to Canvass. 

Is that right?    Of course this script needs to be run out of a Windows Task or SSIS using the Win SCP utility . 

I'd like to hear from others, in detail I hope,  who've had to set up the same process.  I am most concerned about creating and sending the keys, but that's a one time process only I think.  Also, creating the nightly script and running it on schedule.  Also, how do I send the private key with the script.  This entire process is not what I pictured it to be. 

I just started this and any and all help will be greatly appreciated.