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Step-by-step math problem feedback...

Discussion created by Andrew McCann on Apr 24, 2018
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I'm curious if any Canvas users have had students take photos of handwritten work, then uploaded those images (homework, exam) to a SpeedGrader assignment for authentic feedback...meaning, more than just multiple choice, right/wrong feedback.


I'm impressed with the ability to quickly snap pictures, use the Canvas Student App to upload to an assignment and, if the pics are converted to PDF (easy on iOS) to actually place feedback at specific locations on the image(s).


I am the developer of a Canvas-friendly feedback app called Annotate PRO, which makes it easy to create and share reusable comments - especially with SpeedGrader (but also Google Docs, MS Word...). Would love to set up some experiments and develop some 'problem-solving feedback libraries' with STEM teachers who care about partial credit, targeted feedback...


Learn more here: Canvas and Annotate PRO - 11trees 


I'll gladly provide individual licenses to faculty who are interested in experimenting...