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Quiz Next Analysis Feedback

Discussion created by Jill Mallek on Apr 24, 2018

So the quiz I posted issues with creating, we now have students who took it, so the professor gave me feedback to share.


1. The analysis of the questions is very rough to view. Her first comment was finding it, as it wasn't intuitive where to find it. I am guessing the plan is to have it outside the quiz eventually, but in case it isn't, I thought I'd mention it.


Where you have to go to find it in Quiz Next:


Where it is in current quizzes:


(This might seem minor, but this professor had to call me to her office to find where the button was.)


2. For some reason, one of the questions in her exam split, in the analysis. It appeared at the top for one student, but the rest of the students were grouped together, minus that one student. (In the design of the quiz, it appears 1st, and she doesn't have it changing order. The one student analysis was at the top, the group of all the rest of the students is at the bottom.)


1 student:

Rest of students:

(Notice the side bar, you can see it is scrolled down.)


3. The professor of the class is one of our instructional designers, so she wanted to get feedback from the students on how/if they liked the new quiz options. She created the last question as a numeric, trying to do it as a likert scale. She wanted them to get full credit for answering, which she did, but she found the analysis frustrating, because on the group analysis, it only groups it as right or wrong. It doesn't show the specifics of the answers, so she is going to have to go through each question to gather analyics:



4. Similarly, she did a fill in the blank, and this was the results. She has a chunk getting it wrong, which you can tell with the difficulty index, but you can't tell, from this screen, what they answered, which would be more useful:


This is very hard to distinguish or use really. She had a note in there that they should put in the number, not spell out the number, but without scrolling through each student, it's hard to tell if they got the fill in the blank wrong because they spelt the number. 


5. Bonus issue, which doesn't have to do with the analysis, but I figure if I'm making this post, I can add in my bonus concern. I created my own Quiz Next with some obvious/fun answers to show my faculty the new features. I have stuck it in modules, so it has the bottom arrows. I keep having people click the bottom module arrows, instead of the internal quiz arrows, and these are educated people who know Canvas, so students who might be newer to Canvas can/will have issues.