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Checkmarks and assignments

Question asked by Mary Ann Medlin on Apr 25, 2018
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I've received the following (now edited email from a student).

My questions is do I have any control over the checkmarks?


Hi Mary Ann,
Here is a screenshot of the problem I wrote you about that I was having on Canvas. As you can see, there is a green checkmark after each assignment. This is rather confusing when you think you completed an assignment and really haven't. For example, I have watched the video for week 4 and it's not checked and I haven't done the last assignment but it IS checked because I looked at it but didn't do it yet!
I talked to X in e-learning about it as you suggested but she said the teachers have to write a complaint in the teachers' forum and when enough teachers complain about it then it moves up the list of things they try to fix. Seriously?!
To add to the confusion my Environmental Science teacher's modules show NO checkmarks and Algebra II teacher uses WAMAP instead. My head is spinning!