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Stop students being able to see Quiz answers and questions after the quiz has been taken.

Question asked by Olaf Schaaf on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by Erin Hallmark

My students have just sat a closed book exam using the quizzes next. Reading through the forum, feature comparison list and other members questions question, it appears that we cannot turn stop the student seeing their questions responses they have submitted and their answers nor the correct answers.


This is a huge problem for me, as we do not want student to see and record the questions after the exam has finished, otherwise the questions are disseminated to other students within the year and also to future years via facebook etc. It now means I may have to throw out the questions I have just asked as we can not use them again.


I understand the beta side of things, but this feature was requested in Nov 2017 and to me seems like one of the most important functions that needs to be developed ASAP.

As my exam is still being marked (essay questions and some students need to take the exam in the future), I have had to resort to removing the "grade" and "assignment"  and "People" from the left hand student menu, so student will not be able to navigate to the assignment  (via grade or assignment menu) nor to their submission results. Then when the exam is marked and all student have sat the exam, I will need to export their grades, delete the exam and all attempts / submission details and then manually import the students grades again to try to preserve the validity of our questions for future years.


Could we please have this feature developed and functional urgently as this feature has been asked many time over the last few months?  Has anyone found any other work around?