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When will the new Quzzing functions be completed?

Question asked by Stephen Bailey on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Kevin Dougherty

My institution was recently asked to look at the new quiz options/functions.  The new quiz options/functions did not appear to be ready just yet.  Does anyone have any idea when the new quizzing options/functions are expected to be ready?



Here are the major limitations we ran into


Exam Settings:

  • Students are able to view the correct answers after they have finished the exam.  There is no way to disable this.
  • Exam passwords not hidden while being typed in.
  • There is no Preview option to view the exam as a student without going into Canvas's Student View; there is no notification within Quizzes LTI that you are in Student View or not.



  • Importing .zip files from Canvas Proper does not work if the imported quiz was using their own question banks. (This prevents multiple banks from being imported at once.)
  • You can only import a question once per question bank.
  • Cannot import more than once per LTI question bank or quiz.


Question Banks:

  • Question Banks are linked to user accounts and not to Courses sites.  This will be a major problem for course migrations between terms as well as multiple instructors and TAs working on a single course throughout a given term.


Exam Questions:

  • File downloads as external links within questions do not work when the file is saved within Canvas.  If the file is linked from Canvas, it will preview the file from within the Files area in Canvas. This is especially problematic when taking proctored exams because links to all course files would suddenly appear during an exam.
  • Matching questions cannot have images as an answer option.



  • Any extra time granted to a student through Monitoring will give that student extra time for ALL exams in Quizzes LTI for that course. While this is beneficial in some situations, it is a limitation for others. You cannot grant differing amounts or percentages of time to a student between exams (e.g., 50% more time on Quiz A but 25% more time on Quiz B).
  • Unable to grant extra attempts to individual students for exams. When a student encounters a technical issue after starting an exam, you cannot let him or her start a new attempt.