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Does CAS support federated_attributes mapping when using JustInTime provisioning?

Question asked by Glen Parker on May 2, 2018
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Good Morning,


I'm experimenting with Just In Time provisioning of user accounts that authenticate using our CAS system.   The JIT part is working, but I'm stuck mapping attributes coming from CAS to Canvas.   


This document talks about federated_attributes, but the section on CAS doesn't seem to include them.   Does this mean I cannot map attributes from CAS to Canvas, or is this a documentation oversight?

Authentication Providers - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


Also, related question, does anyone have an example of an API call that includes PUTting or POSTing federated_attributes?    There's no example in teh guide of what the format for federated_attributes should look like?   It's unclear if it's object notation, comma separated list, or what?


Thanks, Glen