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Grading an Inactive Student's submissions

Question asked by on May 2, 2018
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My institution needs to deactivate students on a daily basis due to state regulations on them accessing course material when they are not in a classroom with a teacher to proctor their work. We use Canvas as a platform for our projects and students should only be accessing the course at specific times during the day. Because of this, we need to deactivate students on a daily basis and they need to remain inactive until the next time they meet in-person with a teacher to work on their projects.


When the teacher navigates to a moderated file upload assignment in the SpeedGrader to a deactivate student that has submitted the assignment, the assignment will be blank. I thought maybe it was an issue with the assignment being moderated but when the student is in the active state, the assignment submission shows. Also, when I test this with an assignment that is not moderated, the assignment shows. The issue has something to do with the assignment being moderated, and the student being inactive.


This has become problematic for grading. In order to grade a student submissions, we need to reactivate the student, grade the submission(s), then deactivate the student. This is laborious and brings up the risk of a teacher forgetting to deactivate a student or forgetting the process entirely.


Is there a way around this?