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Using a rubric for group assignments

Question asked by Steve Skutnik on May 2, 2018
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I am trying to create a group assignment for a course project, where I define a grading rubric to grade the assignment. However, I notice that if I use a rubric for grading, despite the fact that the assignment is explicitly marked as a group assignment, Canvas treats the assignment as if it were an individual submission assignment; i.e., the drop-down menu in the SpeedGrader lists individual students rather than student groups.


If I create a group assignment without the grading rubric, Canvas behaves as I expect it to.


Thus, my question: how can I create a group assignment which both a) Treats submissions / grades as a group, and b) Allows me to use a rubric for grading the submission?


Presently, using the rubric feature moots any effect of setting a group assignment; moreover, I have to clone all of my feedback to individual group members, which seems to defeat the point. Surely there's a way around this?