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"Page Unresponsive"

Question asked by Corey Shim on May 4, 2018
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Educator stated that she is unable to move around in her course for  Canvas. The page freezes and receives an error message "Page Unresponsive" . Her students are not experiencing the issue only the instructor.

I logged in as Julie and I was able to replicate the issue in  her courses. I received the same "Page Unresponsive" message. I would wait, and the message would go away but as I would scroll down or try to access Assignment or Modules the course would freeze, and the message would appear. I logged in as one of her students and was able to move around the course without issue and did not receive that error message. I noticed that she had a lot of students enrolled in the course (52) I think that might be the issue but im not sure. I tried using Firefox and would get the message "There is something slowing down your webpage", I will say that Firefox was a lot faster than Chrome.