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How do I use custom CSS in content pages?

Question asked by Thales Alves Pereira on May 9, 2018
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Good morning. Or day. Or evening. Or night. Good one! 


I read on the docs that I'd need to upload a CSS file on account-level if I wanted to use custom CSS/JS. I created a file with a few classes for a simple custom image card to be used in course pages and uploaded it using the theme manager for the account that manages the course I was using to test this feature. I wasn't able to use the classes contained in that file though.


Although it's in portuguese, it says "File(s) will be included in all Canvas pages.". Theoretically, that means that courses managed by that account would be able to use features included in that CSS, right? What I'm trying to do is create an image card like this one


But what I get when I try to use the same code in the content editor is this:


Both screenshots were taken using the same CSS and HTML code, but the first one I made locally. The one I tried to create in Canvas didn't work properly. Code used for both attempts:


I know I'm missing something here, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong - in fact I might not know what I'm doing at all, haha. I'm gonna need a hand on this


I'm still learning Rails, so if something needs to be changed in Canvas' code, that would be a great excuse for me to practice and learn a little bit more. Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, haha. I'm eager to get the platform working so students can start using it.


EDIT: I tried sharing this question to Canvas Developers but the option is greyed out