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Question asked by Dale Drees Expert on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Alice Lawson-Johnson


I was wondering if anyone else has encountered any problems with students not clearly understanding what assignments are associated under which group when viewing their grades?


I understand when you go into student view and click on grades that the student gets a list of all their assignments and at the top it has the Name of the assignment , Due Date, Score and Out of and then the groups are listed on the right hand side and at the bottom. For a student to find out if a particular assignment is associated with a group the student needs to hover over the assignment and then the name of the group appears below the assignment title. I have only had a couple of professors approach me about their students not understanding what assignments are associated with a certain group, so it might not be a major crisis but I was wondering if it might be clearer for the students if; 1. You add the group title to the top of the assignment list or 2. You color code the groups so a student looking at the list of assignments could easily see that all the discussions are highlighted in green and the group title is also green?


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