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Quiz Extensions API returning "Missing Required Key"

Question asked by Paige Snay on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Nan Schutz

I'm using Postman to test the API for quiz extensions. I'm properly authenticated and my code is as follows:

   "quiz_extensions": [{
   "user_id": 14922067,
   "extra_attempts": 20,
   "extra_time": 1000,
   "manually_unlocked": true

I repeatedly receive a 400 error for syntax with the following message:

"status": "bad_request",
"message": "missing required key :quiz_extensions",
"error_report_id": 155328523

Why might this be happening? I imagine I'm missing a very simple syntax issue, but I believe I'm following the code in the API documentation pretty closely so I'm not sure what. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated!