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SCORM assessments and highest mark?

Question asked by James Denholm-Price on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by PARTHASARATI DILEEPAN

Assignments using SCORM via the LTI plugin seems to work on our instance but unlike Canvas quizzes there seems to be no option to report anything but the most recent mark in Grades. Have I missed something? I'd really like to have this facility -- the Grades Beta History option gives access to the previous SCORM scores so I've used that as a manual workaround.


(SCORM seems to immediately tell Canvas to set the grade to zero when it's opened, so students reviewing a SCORM quiz lose their mark, and there seems to be a weird edge-case where some students manage to reopen the quiz in their browser history, perhaps by leaving browser tabs open, resetting their grade in the process -- Max Mark would fix this!)


Perhaps I should bite the bullet and use LTI?


Thanks for any suggestions,