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Canvas Student App Gives Access to Quiz via Grades

Question asked by Martin Kollman on May 14, 2018

I am trying to figure out why students can access a quiz via Grades using the Canvas Student app on their phones.  It only allows them to view or take a quiz if it is identified as "Imported Assignment" under the "Assignment Group" of the quiz.  Once the designation is changed to "Test", students are no longer able to access the quiz via Grades, as a padlock icon appears  when viewing it on the student app.


I have also found that even though the quiz is not published under the module, it is available via the Canvas Student app and the changing of Assignment Group doesn't affect access.


The quiz is published under Quizzes, which the navigation has been made hidden and the quiz added to a module, but unpublished.  Students using a browser do not have access to the quiz in any manner, as it appears to only be a Canvas Student app issue.  Thanks!