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Muted results and Blueprint 

Question asked by Philip Callil on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Philip Callil

Hi Community,


We have successfully deployed Blueprint across our school.  We have discovered an issue with muted assignments and Blueprint synching that I'm hoping someone will have a workaround.


If there are existing assignments in a child course, when a Blueprint synch is performed midterm, the default that Blueprint is set to is to publish all resources.  This means if there are muted assignments in a child course, they become unmuted instantly.  For example, when a year level English course have muted results and the agreement is for all ten classes to release results at the same time, those results become unmuted as soon as the course has been synched.


Yes, the workaround will be to not synch when there are muted results.  Equally, I would think this is a flaw that needs addressing.  My question is whether anyone else has had the same issue and what did you do differently to resolve this?



Phil Callil