Andrew Lowe

Ways to create a checklist/self assessment?

Discussion created by Andrew Lowe on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by Jeffrey Starr

I have a lot of links to external online maths lessons/tasks, within different tabs on pages of my course. They within a table (see attachment sample). What I would like is for the students to be able to do self-evaluation after completing the links (each number), so maybe some stars and a comments box as extra columns or something.  Ideally, the teacher would be able to see this. 


My first idea was to create an Office 365 assignment and place the links and a check sheet in there. The problem is I really want it to be a working document. Not a submission. I would like a different subject check sheet on each tab of a Kennethware page. 


Other ideas were using gamification in Google Forms, but once again students would have to submit the form. I wish it was as simple as putting a collaborative doc in an iframe but I would have to get each student to make one. I could create a google assignment that they need to submit each time the change the document, however, is there a way I could embed this into a page? 


Any ideas? 


Many thanks