Paul Mason

Nudges in a roll-on, roll-off scenario

Discussion created by Paul Mason on May 16, 2018



We are delivering courses in a roll-on, roll-off manner, essentially students can join the course at any time, work through the materials, contribute to the discussions and complete the course. 


Although there is no schedule, the course is expected to take five weeks.  We would like to keep our completion rates as high as possible, is there a way for students to receive automated messages to nudge them through the course?  This could be something like periodic calendar reminders saying something like, 'hope you are enjoying the course, if you are sticking to our recommendation of five weeks then you should have progressed to module 2 by now'?


Alternatively, perhaps is there something that could be triggered by the completion of a module - an automated message perhaps, 'you're doing great, this next module is really interesting and you should be done within the week.'


Another idea is perhaps to hold people back and start them in cohorts every two weeks, which would keep the group manageable so that we could set calendar reminders manually.


Any thoughts on how to achieve this would be most welcome