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Why is one section of a cross-listed class disappearing and then reappearing?

Question asked by Tom Wills on May 17, 2018
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I have two Canvas courses that I have cross-sectioned. Since last Sunday - one of the two courses (always the same two) will suddenly just not show any students or their grades. I have a third class that is cross-sectioned where this isn't happening at all - both sections always appear. The first time I noticed the problem, I was in Speed Grader and had entered a score, when suddenly I got an error message (wish I could remember exactly what it said)  and the student was just gone - as well as everyone else in that section of the class. 

Students have reported that from their view, the class simply will not exist in their course list but then will suddenly show back up again. This afternoon, I chatted with support and they saw the blank list and no grades for the one section on their end and had to add all the students back to the class individually - which took some time even though it was a small class. That same course disappeared again 4 hours later - but when I was with Canvas chat (for the second time) to get it resolved - it mysteriously re-appeared again and they were unable to see the blank list and grades I was seeing when I started the chat. Since this started happening 5 days ago, the amount of time for the class to re-appear has varied - usually hours. The tech people at my building and district office are stumped.... I am a bit frustrated. I hope it won't happen again, but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue with Canvas. I feel like I am going a bit crazy! 


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