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Canvas API: how to change course nickname?

Question asked by Carl Corder on May 18, 2018
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I was experimenting with canvasapi in python, and wanted to try changing the nickname of my course. Here is what I have done so far:


  1. Logged into went to my profile and generated a new access token that never expires.
  2. Started to write my script:


from canvasapi import Canvastoken = 'my_token'base_url = '' canvas = Canvas(base_url, token)

stats = canvas.get_course(25870)
print( # Math Stats I

stats.update(course = {'name': 'Statistical Distributions'})
print( # Math Stats I

The program runs without error, but the name never updates. From the Dashboard, I am able to change the nickname of any course I am enrolled in. When I change the nickname and re-run the script, the stats course object updates to:

   'name': 'Statistical Distributions',
   'original_name': 'Math Stats I',


But this isn't working with the canvasapi, not even for courses I have TA access to. Any suggestions?


P.S. This may turn out to be a canvasapi specific issue. In which case, I will post the issue here: Issues · ucfopen/canvasapi · GitHub.