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Turnitin Error Where Have You Gone?

Question asked by Bill Schroeder on May 18, 2018
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I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this change with Turnitin?  I am an account admin and previously the only way for me to see the Turnitin settings for an assignment was to masquerade as an instructor in the course.  This week I noticed that I can go directly to the settings without having to masquerade and without seeing an error message.  I checked multiple courses and with our other admins and all had the same result.


When contacted Turnitin, their explanation was, "I believe you have somehow been provided with the instructor role for the corresponding courses in Canvas."  


1. I am the person who would have made that change and I haven't.

2. Even if I had unknowingly enrolled myself and the other admins in all of those courses, we don't show up in the people tab.


While it is nice that I no longer have to take the extra step of masquerading as an instructor, I am worried that there are other changes that I'm not aware of and when our summer session gets up to speed we are going to be inundated with calls from students and faculty.


Any thoughts?