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Google Integration/Google Docs Assignments

Question asked by Ross Hounsell on May 23, 2018
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I'm having a nightmare with the Google docs/drive integrations and assignments.

I cannot add the GoogleApps app directly from appstore as even with the URL and keys from my CSM it says its configured wrong and i need to contact my account admin (that's me)

I've manually added it using the details from my CSM and it sets it up fine with the exact same settings the app tries to use but can't.


When I have asked a colleague to check stuff for me we have hit the following issues;

1. They cannot see any docs that are set as part of an assignment it just wouldn't load but then asked them to log in - we realised this is because they didn't have a google account set as a service on their Canvas account

2. They cannot see any docs that are set as part of an assignment the document pane loads but they get a message asking them to ask for permission to view the document or switch account (their account is now set as a signed in service account on Canvas). - they have clicked the ask for permission button and I have accepted that and given that account specific permission with a link that allows them to view the document - it still doesn't load.


I have looked through various other questions/posts here and tried changing some of the settings etc around publish to web/embed links/share links but none of them appear to make any difference.


The only time my colleague has been able to view the document in an assignment is when they have signed in with the account details of the account the original document resides in.


The way I understand it is 'I should be able to set a google doc as an assignment and as long as the students have a google account set as a signed in service they should be able to see it/use it in some capacity and submit it for marking'??


To add to my confusion, my colleague can see the google drive linked to the account I am using with no issues whatsoever by using the Google Drive link that sits in course navigation, the document that doesn't display in assignments works perfectly well there in terms of being viewable.....


Does anyone have any insights or suggestions because I am well and truly stumped.