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Postman PUT request to API has no effect

Question asked by Aaron Bahmer on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Colin Murtaugh

I'm just starting out with Postman and using the API, so forgive my (hopefully) simple problem.



I'm trying to edit an LTI (external tool) according to this doc: Navigation Tools - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

I'm also referencing: External Tools - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


In Postman, I've built the following PUT request: {{testurl}}/api/v1/accounts/1/external_tools/{{targetLTI}} with body:



The variables {{testurl}} and {{targetLTI}} are being resolved properly. When I send the request, the results come back for this external tool (just the same as if I had done GET with this targetLTI), but the value of the "default" key remains unchanged.


I compared the curl output of the Postman request with the example in the External Tools API Documentation above. The last line in my Postman request appears as:

-F default=enabled

Compared to the example from the documentation:

-F 'privacy_level=public'

I'm interested to know if the fact that my Postman request doesn't contain single-quotes like the example is the reason the request does not work.


If so, I can't find anything in Postman docs that helps me put the single-quotes in place. Help?