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Course end date/concluded course?

Question asked by Melinda Yerdon on May 29, 2018
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I have several instructors that allowed incompletes for students for spring term and now that students are attempting to finish the work, they are getting a message that the course is concluded. Our faculty do not have the option to conclude their own courses, and by default students ARE allowed to access the course after the end date. Also by default our courses are set up as shown below with the end date blank and the "Users can only participate..." box checked:

  1. We do have term dates set at the account level.
  2. We do restrict students from accessing the course before the start date, but NOT after the end date.


This has happened to several students in different classes and all of those classes were set to the default as shown above and had no end date on the course. Students would get this error even with no end date on course or due date on the quiz:

I know the issue of the end date vs. term date, etc. comes up often, but in the past we were able to have our default be as shown above, with the end date blank and the box checked and this would leave the course open unless an instructor added their own end date, or unchecked the box so the course would close with the term dates. 


Shouldn't the blank end date and the box checked leave the course open?


What are we missing? Any help is greatly appreciated!!