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Assigning a Google Doc as an assignment

Question asked by Caitlin Schecker on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by Diana Perpich

Hey all! We are just transitioning to Chromebooks and Canvas next year. My question is, how do I assign a Google doc for a student to complete?


In the "olden days", I would upload a Word doc with questions (eg, a worksheet.) Students would download the Word doc, fill in their answers, and upload the completed version as a file. Since we are moving to Chromebooks, we don't have Word anymore. I now would like to have students access a Google Doc, complete it independently, and resubmit the completed Google Doc to me for grading. I see how students can upload a completed google doc to the teacher, but I do NOT see how a teacher can assign a "blank" Google Doc worksheet to their students in the assignment section.


Can anyone help me out? If this is impossible, what other workaround is there? Thanks!