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OAuth Dance for Offline Game without Redirect URL

Question asked by Christopher Poole on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Peter Love

Hello Canvas Developers!


My team is producing an offline education game using the Unity game engine and we want to include Canvas functionality. Unity allows us to export a WebGL version of the game as an HTML page which we plan on having schools download and place in the course folders. Once there, the HTML page will automatically open and allow playing of the game in the browser without any server on our part. One problem: I noticed when researching the OAuth dance, you need a redirect URL which is where the user is send after they authenticate but its also where Canvas sends a code needed to finish the authentication. Because we're storing our game inside Canvas itself and we want to do this without any servers on my team's side, we were wondering how we should go about completing this part of the dance. Does that first GET command simply retrieve the code for our app anyway?


(We can't test it right this moment because our Canvas instance isn't set up but I'm just conducting research to make sure what we want to do can be done)


Thanks for the help!

-Christopher Poole###