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How can you get cumulative quiz results when each student is answering questions about different people?

Question asked by Caroline Foley on Jun 1, 2018
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I have a faculty member that has stumped me, and I can't find any solutions in the Canvas Guides that already address the issue. While I feel pretty comfortable in Canvas now that I have been an admin for over a year, I still have a lot to learn so I was curious if anyone else in the Canvas community could come up with any ideas!



This faculty member has his students work on group projects. After the group projects, he has them answer questions about their own performance and that of their fellow group members.


This is his first time doing this assignment in Canvas, but, in our previous LMS, he created a quiz where the students would write in the student's name(s) that they were talking about and then answer questions about their participation.


The problem with that was, in order to calculate the results of the quiz, he would have to do so manually since no one would be writing about exactly the same people.


He would like to find a way for each student to answer questions about their specific group members AND have the cumulative results automatically calculated (or nearly so!). 



I had suggested using Canvas Groups. He could then create a quiz specific to each group and have the specific group members' names in the body of the quiz questions, which would help with calculating the cumulative results.


However, the instructor did not feel that would save him any time and preferred to continue creating quizzes and manually calculating the scores.


Does anyone have any other ideas on how to solve what he is trying to accomplish? What we have worked out might be the best option, but I'd love to hear if anyone else has a better solution!


Thank you!