Michael Maguire

How do I activate course resources for my Instructor replies to students' submissions to a Discussion group?

Discussion created by Michael Maguire on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Kona Jones

Hi Canvas Users/Team,


I'm feeling duped (again) by the "Groups" functions in Canvas.  I've posted prior concerns with my cynical reference to "Group-Land," as in.....for one of my four courses, I've set up groups, but when I click on group Discussion submissions, I'm taken away from the course to this mysterious "Group Land," pretty much dissociated from the course.

Today, I thought I'd be efficient with my responses to Group Discussions for one of my two online Canvas courses I'm teaching this summer and (can you imagine!?), I thought I'd be able to include in my reply a quick link to course resources, similar to Canvas's great process of highlighting text in the narrative section (for assignments, announcement, etc.) of my Discussion reply.

Can't do it.  This is where I'm feeling duped.  While the function is great (for referencing course files, and other modules of the course structure), this same resource does not extend to Discussions associated with course-specific Groups.

Please, do better, Canvas.

Michael Maguire, Faculty Associate

University of Wisconsin-Madison