Darrin Jones

Formula Based Questions

Discussion created by Darrin Jones on Jun 4, 2018
I want to ask students to report a measurement they would have taken during lab – they will be expected to take several measurements of several items but I’ll only ask about one. That sounds really easy, and is, if I wanted to create lots of questions where the only difference is which item I want them to report on changes. But, I don’t want to create lots of questions. That’s where the formula style question could come into play.
I would need to have two variables in the question, A might represent the item ID number, and B its correct measurement. See the possible results table below as an example:
 Item ID#               Measurement
A                             0.250
B                             1.125
C                             1.500
D                             2.250
The question might look something like:
What is the length of the aluminum bar labeled [ID]?
The correct response would be determined from the table.
Any ideas on how I might do this?