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A "Bug", a Design feature and a workflow/user help Improvement

Discussion created by Gideon Williams on Jun 5, 2018
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Whilst not a design issue, I think this is something that needs to be made more clear..


I used as part of a series of tasks in a Module. I applied criteria to each task in the module. Each task had to be completed in order for the students to progress.

I used as Task 2 and set a pass requirement of 15/25 (60%) to move on.


To my surprise, no-one was able to move on unless they had achieved 100%


I contacted support and the brilliant Victor pointed out the error of my ways. I had assigned a point score of 25 but had not changed the Display Grade to Points. It was left as Complete/Incomplete. This meant that to complete the task and move on, students had to score 100%.



Even though students ‘passed’ the test, their score was being read as 0 by Canvas.

Whilst I appreciate that this was user error on my part, I struggle to see why you might have this combination of awarding points and displaying as Complete/Incomplete.


Perhaps this is something you might consider altering for future release?



Changing the Display Grade as back to Points has NOT updated the gradebook. The scores in the gradebook are either 0 or 25 even if students scored in between. I have had to manually alter the scores in the gradebook. So I am guessing that the LTI is not able to recalculate the scores and update the gradebook????