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Submitting to Locked Assignments or "None" Submission Types

Question asked by Star LaGrasse on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

I'm working on a gamification project that uses the Canvas API. The basic idea is that once you complete the game, it makes some API calls to submit to the corresponding assignment. The problem I'm realizing is that if we have the game upload text or a file, students could check their past submissions and share the submission data with their friends, allowing people to complete the assignment without playing the game. I've thought of two solutions to this problem, so I would like to know if either is possible. Alternatively, if you can think of another workaround, feel free to comment.


My first proposed solution would be that the game submits to a locked assignment, that way students can't submit to it through normal means. Will the API allow this, or will it prevent submissions to any locked assignments (the documentation doesn't seem to mention this)?


My other solution is to set the assignment to a "None" submission type and make an API call that submits to it. Again, this prevents submission through normal means. The documentation leads me to believe that this is not a viable solution, but I was wondering if anyone has already tried this.