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Student Adviser Permissions

Discussion created by Tom Alway on Jun 6, 2018
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Does anyone know of a way to have, or does anyone currently have, permissions set up to allow student advisers to review student progress in the courses that they are enrolled in?  When students meet with advisers to discuss  performance sometimes the student will not provide a clear picture.  If the adviser had the ability to access the student's course information such as assignment submission rates and the grade book, it would provide a clearer picture for the adviser.  The key however is to be able to make it so that they could do as read-only.  I do not want an adviser to "accidently" change a grade.  It looks as though this can be done at the course level, but the advisers would have to added to each course and every course.  I was looking for a way to do this at a more global level, perhaps in the account role.