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Canvas Editor is removing my Anchor Tags when I edit the page

Question asked by Liam Lynch on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Debra Mansperger



I'm creating a home page for one of our courses, with 'quick navigation' buttons so our students have easy access to different parts of the course. 


When I add an anchor tag to the entire div for the button, it works fine (see code example below)


<a href=""><div>
<span>View all modules for this course.</span></div></a>


However, when I go to edit the page again, say to add another anchor tag to another div, or edit the content in another section on the page - it removes the anchor tag completely. (see code example below).


<span>View all modules for this course.</span></div>


Any idea what's causing this? If I use the Rich Content Editor I can use the 'Link to URL' to have the text (the h3 and span) to link to the page, but not my entire div (the button) which I would greatly prefer.