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UserScript development help request

Discussion created by Kate Ebbott on Jun 3, 2018
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Hi Devs - I've just started exploring the wonderful world of UserScripts (via Tampermonkey) to pull data from Canvas in a more meaningful and practical way for our small group of academic teaching staff.


There has been a request from one academics who would like to be able to view, for a specific assignment, a summary list of all students and each of their submissions to see how many re-submissions each has done as we have a limit on how many attempts a student can make (feedback-resubmission loop).


I'm wondering if anyone has already developed something similar, or may be able to help guide me in the right direction to create this..?


I have a working API URL that gives me all the data I need, but I want to be able to present this is a more usable way for the academics. My JS skills aren't up to much, although I've been able to modify some of the great scripts out there to start working toward what I want to achive - at the moment, however, it's just pulling single points of data, rather than from the muliple data points required.


An example of what I've created so far with the 'Access Submissions Data' pop-up window where I'd ideally like this information to display. Also included is a 'Grading Summary' widget for a quick view of how many students still need to complete the assignment.