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Annoucements not showing as read (link remains dark blue)

Question asked by omab on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Sheila McGinn

Is anyone else experiencing this issue with announcements?


See below from a faculty member (some words have been changed to accommodate this post and protect the innocent ):

The last two announcements I received from another faculty who is a teacher in the course as well, show on my screen as bold (the title) and not read. There is a little green circle in the announcement section on the left side that shows two unread announcements.  I have read, clicked them multiple times, even tried replying to the earlier one, refreshed my browser, signed in and out multiple times, tried different browsers, and cleared my cached (with help form Canvas support).  It still shows as I have two messages that are unread. This is strange.  I checked another course – and the same thing happens. I can click on the message, read the message and when I am done, t still shows as unread, the title remains bold and the number still remains unchanged in the Announcement section on the left.



To the Canvas Community: Help. Any thoughts? A bug that needs to be fixed? We did find a work around (for locked announcements,  you have to select "Mark as read"), but again, why should you have to do this? Once you read an announcement it should not show up as unread.


Thank you!