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I need course-specific messaging (Conversations?) tool -- and related multiple-courses Groups issue/question.

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Michael Maguire

With multiple Canvas courses each semester - up to four courses with 200+ students per semester, I'm interested in having Canvas LMS provide a Course-specific messaging (Conversations?) system - i.e., a one-stop message center, associated and organized per-course only. Is there an easy work-around to organize messages this way? Currently, I have an inbox that provides chronologically-listed messages -- from most recent to older -- from all-things-Canvas.  What that means is that I open my inbox and see a list of messages with their Canvas account names:  students, teaching colleagues, campus staff using this LMS, and other Canvas-related messages.  An added complexity is that some of those students are enrolled in more than one course with me (on Canvas) in the same semester.  Very inefficient.  Instead, I use my not-much-more efficient university email system.


Also, I'm concerned about what I'm starting to notice (I only started on Canvas a year ago) may be a common challenge with Canvas regarding multiple courses:  the Groups function has similar issues by not associating, by default, Groups that are course-specific -- i.e., by clicking on a Group, the Canvas system default takes me out of the course that Group is associated with.


For Canvas users who have multiple courses per-semester on Canvas LMS:  Have you noticed similar inefficiencies with certain Canvas functions that make it challenging to have multiple courses going at the same time?  Any suggestions for better work-arounds?


Thanks for any assistance/wisdom.

Michael Maguire, Faculty Associate

UW-Madison (WI)