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What to do in the Gradebook when 74% is failing?

Discussion created by Julie Magadan on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Jason Schaffer
I am hoping the collective intelligence of this amazing community can help me! For one of the clinic courses in our dental program, students must pass two exams that are given near the end of the semester at 75% or higher or they fail the course/program. These exams test student readiness to advance to the next clinic. 
Even though this requirement is clearly outlined in the syllabus, a number of students have brought forward grievances about failing the course/program since they see a passing grade in Canvas (e.g. a student will fail the course if they see a 72% on the competency exam plus As or Bs for all other coursework). The dental faculty (and our administration) want Canvas to show the students a failing grade for the exam (and the course) once they fail the exam. 
I've spoken with the department chair about a few options:
  • Use a grading scheme. I know the grading scheme can be added to an individual assignment (so we could adjust to the 75% if the competency exam were an assignment) but to my understanding the scheme can't be set up the same way for a quiz. Perhaps we could use a grading scheme for the course but I am unclear how just the 75% on the tests would impact its use.
  • Use assignment groups (place all assignments/activities into one group worth 0% and the exams in another group worth 100%) so students can see how they are performing just on the exams.
  • Add a new grading column so faculty could add a manual letter grade for students.  
  • Give students immediate feedback on the test so they know once they get their results if they earn under 74% they will fail the class. 
  • Possibly create an Excel spreadsheet with the formulas needed to calculate the percentages for the grading (*they use grade weighting - e.g. if radiography is worth 15% of the grade, 10% of that 15% comes from 2 scans that come at the end of the semester - it is very complex!). I am not at all confident in this as a solution since the columns would need similar assignment columns to import to.  I am also NOT good at Excel. :-) 
  • Research an alternative grading software that would accommodate more complex grading needs and individually send students their grade progress.


Am I missing something simple?

Many thanks in advance for your time,