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Errors in Admin Search for Courses with CSS added to Theme

Question asked by Gideon Williams on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Emily Frank

We are pushing this through support but interested to know if anyone has started to get errors when searching for courses as an Admin.

The issues (for us) appear to be related to: Sub accounts and custom CSS attachments  on themes

The error message we get is:

The search does produce a list of results but ONLY for one page.


Rather worryingly, we have started to notice different results appearing for different browsers (Chrome and Edge)


When advised to search with the term - &global_includes=0 added on to the search then the error is not shown.


I am somewhat perplexed that adding a CSS style generates an error message but then I'm no programmer...


This error is only a recent thing.....



Early testing indicates that it may not be a CSS issue but a slow loading search results where two searches are being carried out at the same time. Good news is that Canvas Support were able to replicate the issue.