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Discussion created by Jacob Towne on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Kahla Voyles

Hi Everyone,


CANVAS is new to our organisation and besides forum searches and implementations I would really like the chance to view/discuss how companies are using CANVAS and how we could best use it to our full potential.


I am not hunting for content or trying to take material, instead I am looking for:

  • How courses are set up
  • what are we NOT using CANVAS for that we could be?
  • Look and feel of courses
  • What works and doesn't for your company etc.


I would love the chance to come and discuss these with people or really appreciate any help/tips etc. other than those you can generally find from a google search, not sure if this all makes sense but had to throw it out there!



We use CANVAS to induct our staff and provide further development courses mostly as a guide.


FYI - We are located in Melbourne, Victoria.