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SIS Imports and Diffing Mode

Question asked by Joni Miller Expert on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by kevin

We have a ruby script that handles the simple SIS Imports, but only for the full import, not in diffing mode.  We are confused about how we can get this to work using Diffing mode.  Our import file has >100K enrollments  and approx 30K users and takes a really long time to process.  We would like to enable Diffing mode in order to speed this up.  I think we can make it work for enrollments. 


I'm concerned about this part of the documentation:  If user B is created by import 1, and then user B is omitted from import 2, Canvas will mark the user as deleted.


Is this correct?  We do not want to ever delete users as we understand that this would delete all associated data.  Would this mean that we probably wouldn't be able to use Diffing mode for the Users file, which is >30K users?