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Sections vs Separate Courses

Question asked by Miranda Marshall on Jun 15, 2018

Our institution is looking into the following scenario and wanting insights and advice on how to create the course(s).


Our building is an adult education center that works with students on adult basic education, GED, college preparation, and English as a Second Language.  We are small - only 9 staff members in the entire building - and our class sizes are small as well.  We tend to look at the skills needed for our students for each 8-week session and design/deliver area-specific content as needed.  Therefore, we can teach social studies for one session and science the next. 


We want to pull academic language and vocabulary that can be cross-curricular and create a specific course to house all of the lessons that pertain to that subject area.  Because these will be cross-curricular, I was thinking of having those be an over-arching course and create sections of that course that become the specific areas of study: social studies, science, RLA.  


This is where it gets fuzzy because I want teachers to be able to pull academic vocabulary modules/assignments/quizzes from the course and embed them into the specific areas of study as needed.  Are sections what I want to use?  Or do I want to simply have instructors create courses that are area-specific and import vocabulary from a separate course?  Help!