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Sync MML Grades into Canvas

Question asked by Monica Wilson on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by Jennifer Boney

I am trying to sync Mymathlab into Canvas and I want to know what are the best settings for this. I tried it with points and when the points get to Canvas, Canvas does not weigh them so how do I get a percentage grade in Canvas when I import the assignments from MML? If I bring in the work from MML as "weighted" and if I assign to a homework assignment 1 point, say the student earn 60% on it, will Canvas place a 0.60 or a 60% or what? does Canvas actually calculate the percentage of the points the assignment is worth or does it just leave the percentage of the points? I am confused if when I sync from MML it is just a copy of the results or does Canvas actually make the percentage calculation of the points? once one student does something can I change settings or are the settings set once the course is sync?  I need some help with this.