Canvas Student v6.2.7 for iOS

Discussion created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Jun 16, 2018
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The Canvas Student app for iOS just released an update and includes a bunch of bug fixes. If you were having any of the following issue, test the app again. If it fixes or doesn't fix your issues, please share! 


Bug fixes:
* Fixed a crash on login
* Fixed showing the wrong participants when replying to a group message
* Fixed course grades for observers
* Fixed linking to a course's front page
* Fixed login links that open in a new tab (including discovery pages)
* Fixed bugs with annotation permissions
* Fixed pasting into rich content editors
* Fixed replying to group discussions
* Fixed bugs with linking to files
* Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong date to be displayed for imported discussions and announcements
* We now show the submissions tab when following a link to an assignment submission
* We now automatically show the login page when launching the app using an unauthorized link which allows users to bypass the domain search
* Logging out will now prevent push notifications from being received
* Fixed a bug that would cause the app to randomly log out