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Password shown during Examity proctoring session

Question asked by Knox Mallette on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by Sarah Pauling

Hi everyone, my University farm out a number of our exams via the proctoring company Examity, and the Examity proctor encountered a potentially serious issue. Students screen share with the Examity proctor and during certain points the Examity proctor takes control of the screen to do certain tasks, like putting in a password. While the proctor was putting in the password for an exam the text field wasn't hiding any of the characters in the password. The proctor attempted multiple times to put in the password and each time the characters in the password were showing and the student could see them. The characters stayed visible and at no point were hidden.

Please see screen shot for reference. The screen shot doesn't show the issue happening, but it shows where the proctor was having an issue:

Has anyone else encountered an issue with the password field not hiding characters? From what I know thus far, this is the only reported incident in our University and I'm not sure whether the student was using a wifi or ethernet connection.