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Office 365 External Tool Permissions Issue

Question asked by Kevin Wagenmaker on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Kevin Wagenmaker

Here is a problem we are currently working on dealing with the Office 365 integration in Canvas:


An Instructor shared several files via the Office 365 External Tool in Modules. All of the students can access the file, except for one student.


Backstory: That lone student could access the files during week 1, but cannot anymore.


He recently came to the Service Desk to get some help. The Service Desk could not figure it out. I went and had a chat with the Instructor to see the access info for the files she shared with the class in Canvas. We discovered that his mother (a Dean at our institution) has access to all of the files that son should have access to. Mother (Dean) and Son (Student) use a common computer at home. 


Going back to week 1 in the course: Is it possible that she was signed into to her Office 365 account when he initially accessed the files in Canvas and it established a gateway from his Canvas account to her 365...and now when he tries to access the files in Canvas and is not also signed into Mom's 365 account it gives him the no access error?


We're stumped by this one.