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MindTap assignment grade not showing in Canvas

Question asked by Isaiah Fernandez on Jun 24, 2018
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Hello all. 

My course currently uses MindTap for all our homework, and that doesn't seem to be an issue. We have three chapters due tomorrow, and I completed ALL assignments on MindTap. However, Canvas is showing 3 of the assignments as "-" for a grade. While ALL the other assignments have the appropriate number/grade for what I got. It's just those three (which are from the same chapter) 

Very confused, because if  the grade is "-" then that means it will most likely be a 0 for when the due date comes.


It's been like this for a few days (I finished the assignment on Friday and assumed it would be fixed naturally by now)

One of the assignments on Chapter 3 (The chapter where all the assignments aren't showing) DOES show, so I know it's not the chapter. It's just those particular three.