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Embedded Photo not Showing

Question asked by Anna Hackman on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by Ken Black

Hi Everyone.

I'm new to this function so I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere.  I like to include images in my Canvas shell when I provide instructions on assignments.  Typically, I like to use the website Foter and embed the image using html code.  Foter develops the code for you, with all the necessary photo credits and licensing agreements.


Lately, I have been running into issues with embedding the html code.  Foter makes the code just fine, but when I put it into the html box on Canvas, the image doesn't appear.  The photo credit and licensing links are there, but the image is not.  I'm including a screenshot of what it looks like below.  I embed the images in a div box with a quote, which I have always done without any issue:

Blue div box with quote from students' textbook, and an image that is not showing up.


I would appreciate any ideas from anyone about why the image is not appearing.