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Integrating Captivate and Storyline projects into FFT Canvas

Question asked by Sam Amara on Jul 1, 2018
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Hello all...


I'm wondering if anyone out there has used Captivate and/or Storyline with the free-for-teachers Canvas account. 


I know we don't have the capabilities of uploading a SCORM package in the FFT account, but let's say I want to include a Captivate and/or Storyline course item in my Canvas course (non-graded), does anyone have any ideas how to do that?


I have a website and as a tester I uploaded a captivate project and then just put then index.html link in the course and that worked fine except it wouldn't open within the frame of Canvas (i.e it opened in a new window, which isn't preferable) and, ideally, I'd like to know if there's a way to keep it all inside Canvas (the whole Captivate/Storyline project folder) so I could just link to something within the project and stay in Canvas rather than open a new window. 


Sorry...I bet that's way more confusing than it needs to be!