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SCORM, Camtasia, and Quizzing

Question asked by Steven Skaggs on Jun 29, 2018
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I am currently in the process of building three video lectures with Camtasia, each lasting approximately one hour.  Every 15 minutes I am placing a two or three question quiz (a total of 10 per video).  Our school uses Canvas and, using online guides, I was able to upload a test video-quiz-combo to a faux class using SCORM.  Then I ran the video through a dry run.


After my first attempt, I noticed a concerning issue.  I enrolled one of my peers in the class.  He took half the quiz, shut down his browser, then reopened the browser and was able to reanswer the quiz questions he already answered. 


I appreciate that this is an online quiz and students may use an open book or assist each other, I actually encourage these activities. But, for me, having the ability to reopen the video quiz at a later time, maybe a day or two after it was closed, and change answers is a little concerning.


I've looked through the settings, but I can't find a workaround.


Is there a way to lock in the submitted answers? 

Is it possible to upload the video as a Canvas quiz, which seems to have the functionality I want, rather than an assignment?

While we didn't test it, if my colleague had completed the quiz, would the score lock or could would he be able to retake the quiz?